8 effective ways to enhance your intelligence level other than just readings books.

There is no doubt that reading books is a great way to increase our intelligence. There are, nevertheless, a number of additional paths that can greatly raise your IQ level and enhance your ability to solve the problems. These eight unconventional ways will help you become more intelligent, ranging from accepting social contact with strangers to admitting your own ignorance.


Accept Humility

Acknowledging your ignorance is the first step on the path to increasing your intelligence. Your mind will be opened to a multiple of learning chances by this humble deed. A vital first step toward greater intelligence is letting go of old issues and realizing that there is always more to learn. When you become on the path of learning you will see a whole new world is waiting for you.

Play Games to Rewire Your Brain

Give yourself a specific time in day for cerebral activities like chess and other mind games. These games test your cognitive talents and encourage strategic thinking. Frequent mental workouts can enhance your general mental agility and help you solve problems more creatively.

Take Up Jump Rope Exercise

Surprisingly the Jump rope is a great cerebral exercise in addition to a great physical one. Because it requires rhythm and coordination and focus of your mind, this activity will maintain your body and mind in top condition. Regularly participating in physical and mental coordination-challenging activities can significantly improve your general IQ.

Make mindfulness a habit.

Being mindful is a habit that may change the way you think, not just a catchphrase. The practice of mindfulness assists you in releasing yourself from the bonds of the past and fears about the future by keeping your focus on the here and now. It might be a useful tool for clearing your head and boosting output.

Talk to Strangers

Try to start a conversation with everyone you meet, even if you don’t know them, every day. This may seems not useful but believe me its a very helpful things that boost the confidence in yourself but also social interactions with strangers can be mentally stimulating, whether it’s a conversation with your barber, cab driver, or store cashier. Having conversations with new people opens your mind to a wider range of viewpoints and concepts.

Post on Social Media Every Day

By post on social media every day to share your views and ideas can be a great method to increase intelligence level and spark creativity. Writing improves your ability to communicate as well as your ability to think critically, analyze events, and form well-rounded opinions.

Take Up a Language Course

Acquiring proficiency in a foreign language can be likened to an intense mental workout. Learning new words and grammar rules helps you pay attention longer and retain information better. These abilities improve your comprehension and retention of knowledge in a variety of different areas in addition to helping you become fluent in a new language. Talking about learning new language did you know Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world after Chinese. You can learn Spanish language by clicking here.

Pick Up New Skills to enhance your intelligence

The quest of acquiring new abilities is essential to productivity, creativity, and personal growth. It creates an atmosphere where your mind can grow and keeps the wheels of creativity turning. Learning new skills, whether it’s playing an instrument, learning to code, or taking up woodworking, expands your horizons and improves your problem-solving abilities. For this you have to eliminate the procrastination from your life. Click Here to find the effective ways to eliminate the procrastination.


In conclusion, reading books is not the only way to improve your intelligence. There are a plethora of other ways as well. You can reach your greatest intellectual potential by practicing humility, mental exercises, physical activity, mindfulness, social interaction, writing, language learning, and skill acquisition. Now that you have set out on this path to become more intelligent, you have an abundance of opportunities to broaden your horizons.

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